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Ten Things I Learned From Inktober This Year

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.1. I’m funnier than I think I am sometimes 2. I’m capable of doing a good drawing both quickly and loosely 3.There’s a lot of value to loose drawings 4. Drawing “with” someone is super fun 5. Drawing variations on the same thing doesn’t have to be a chore 6. You can get a lot of variation in line from… Read more »

Work Archetypes

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Working alone can be scary. It’s easy to get discouraged and the more time I spend by myself, the more brittle my self image becomes. Luckily I don’t have to do it all alone, thank goodness for messenger. Using instant message, I can chat with my BFF and accountability partner. We’ll talk through ideas, schedules and challenges together. We check… Read more »

What’s the Big Idea

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“Like a flame came the fox through the forest” A while back, I was watching a classic episode of Sesame Street and this cartoon short came on. It was one of those classic right place in the right time moments, because that one line struck a chord with me. It was so evocative, and I could see this fox running… Read more »

Keep it Simple

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This summer, I worked on a handful of large(ish) projects. Some of them came out pretty okay, and some of them…Less than spectacularly. I did a presentation at the Saint Louis Science Center called “The Breakdown” about breaking down dream projects into smaller, goal oriented projects. Some of the smaller projects build directly into the dream project, and some of… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Mentors

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 I’ve literally had some version of this logo kicking around in my head for twenty years. I think about it from time to time because it represents the first time I helped try to organize something. I thought of it today because of a DJ on our local indie-radio station named Steve Pick. This morning, he played a Camper Van… Read more »

Things That Inspire: Lumino City

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This week, I discovered a new game by London-based, State of Play Games called Lumino City. The story revolves around a young girl named Lume as she travels through Lumino City searching for her grandfather and solving puzzles along the way. Lumino City takes all of my favorite aspects of maker culture, indie-craft, and game development and puts them together… Read more »

So You Want To Do A Demo…

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Bill Bubenik, the simpleton behind West Park Creative, has been making letterpress stationery for years. His line of sweetly offensive letterpress greeting cards say what you really want to, but probably couldn’t get away with. Like “So… 29 again, huh?” But somehow, when it’s on a card, all bets are off and you can say whatever you want. We’re glad… Read more »

Overwhelmed (As Usual)

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My “Day Job” such as it is, is pretty regular freelance work designing lapel pins and medals for Little League teams, Soccer Clubs, and Marathons. I bring this up, because I bought this account when I left my first studio job to be a full-time freelancer and stay-at-home dad. I was thinking about this last night, and realized that I’ve… Read more »

Five Favorite Books 1-4 the Harper Hall Trilogy

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The second book of the Harper Hall trilogy by Anne McCaffrey, Dragon Singer begins where Dragon Song left off, with Menolly arriving at her new home in the Harper Craft Hall. She’d lived and thrived homeless for her love of music, succeeding where many others would not have. She discovered and adopted not just one fire-lizard, a creature thought to… Read more »

Five Favorite Books 1-3 The Harper Hall Trilogy

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The first book of the Harper Hall trilogy, Dragon Song begins with the main character, Menolly singing the funeral song for her friend Petiron. An aging Harper, Petiron had retired to Menolly’s home at Half-Circle Sea Hold to live out his days. As his caretaker, Menolly and the Harper became close friends, and he taught her everything he knew of… Read more »