One MO Picture – Wizard World 2014

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Hero's JourneyWizard World was pretty fantastic this year. Big thanks to everyone who came out! A personal highlight for me was being on this fantastic panel about the Hero’s Journey, and how it still relates as a major storytelling framework after more than 3000 years. Things we talked about were how modern stories fit into the framework, how our own lives do, and examples of stories that have turned it on it’s ear. It was great sharing the table with our moderator Rhiannon Paille, Artist Christopher Boll, Writer, creator of the Nerd for a Living podcast, and all around great guy Adron Buske, and the incredible Genese Davis, media personality and author of The Holders Dominion.

Thank you to our friend AnnaMaria of Black Arrow Workshop for the picture from the panel!Table mates

My Table mates James and Lindsay Hornsby were fantastic as always, as well as our friends on the other side of us, Andrea of Zenbot Design, and Mary of Unicorgi.  Those Wrestler plushies are super cute, just don’t call them Patrick Star…Lindsay might flip the table on you.argyleshmargyle

I got to meet my Instagram friend Argyleshmargyle, and she picked up a couple of prints! I always love meeting internet friends in real life.Wonder Woman and Batman

I didn’t take as many pics as I’d like to have because I was pretty busy, but I did get this great one of Wonder Woman and Batman. This picture is my favorite two types of cosplay. Both really thought out, but one has fantastic, accurate details and the other is just totally home made. Really great work, guys!