Starting in the Middle

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Craftness Monster Watercolor by Jeffrey JohnsonHaving a blog has been a huge part of my websites since I began working professionally for myself nearly twelve years ago. The blog is a great place to talk about current projects, and upcoming shows. It’s been a welcome break from production and opportunity to download my thoughts about work, art, and about my community.

Writing about my artwork, and the work of my friends and peers has allowed me to consider what I do and why I do it in a thoughtful way. Blogging about what I’m doing has helped me to develop the language and eyes I need to self critique in a helpful way. It allows me to repeat my successes because I know why they happened. It also allows me to explore my missteps so that I can avoid them in the future.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to write for this first post in the new blog. It was tempting to pull a bunch of old posts from the Handmade Family Blog, or even from the old Red Herring Illustration blog. With literally hundreds of posts to choose from, there must be SOMETHING to fill this space with, right? The idea of using old content to pad out the new page, even temporarily, just didn’t seem like the answer. I could do an introductory post, but I’m not really new, and that just felt silly. So how do I start a new blog mid-career?

dilophosaurus dinosaur watercolor by Jeffrey JohnsonWhat I settled on was writing a normal blog post. Starting in the middle, as if the past was right there in the archive. Anything else would be buried before long, right? After spending hours working on color matching prints I thought that might be an interesting thing to talk about so I took some photos, gathered my thoughts, sat down to begin writing, and…

Ended up writing something completely different. Apparently, while I was worried about WHAT to write about, my brain was more interested in WHY I should write anything in the first place. I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about why the blog is important to me before, but it obviously is. I keep coming back to it, after all.

I love instagram and facebook. They allow me to tell my story as an artists, maker, and most importantly PERSON in the moment as it happens. That’s a valuable resource as an artist. The blog though, allows me to focus on one thing. It lets me take a close look at a process, or an inspiration. It allows me to develop a worldview and share that perspective as it develops. Thank you for joining me on this journey.