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Watercolor Wednesday: Craft Monster

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My first year of doing art and craft shows as part of my job was full of learning experiences. The very first thing I learned and what I always tell people that aren’t sure about having enough work to show was, “There’s nothing like needing to have the work to make you do the work.” The second lesson came about… Read more »

Watercolor Wednesday – More Dinosaurs!

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It’s watercolor Wednesday again, and I’ve got some more dinosaurs to share with you. This week, I have one more that’s been illustrated in a more “portrait” style, the Brachiosaurus. Ultimately, this painting going to be collected together with the Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Velociraptor, and Pentaceratops for a Penny Loves Dinosaurs matching game and also an expansion set of Story… Read more »

Watercolor Wednesday: The New Doctors

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As I may have mentioned last week, I’ll be at the Saint Louis Science Center this Friday (09/05/14) for their Doctor Who First Friday. I’ll have these original Doctor Who Watercolors as well as prints with me, and my wife is trying to talk me into putting together a Guess Who Doctor Who game as well. We’ll see if I… Read more »