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Life With Girls – Spekto Petrom

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I was on the Pottermore site the other day, messing around with their new Patronus quiz (mine’s a dappled gray mare) and it reminded me of this Life With Girls strip that I did a couple of years ago. Nothing chases away a gray mood like an active three-year-old with a drumstick wand. 🙂

Kittensaurus by Charlotte

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Charlotte stopped and talked for a long time with us about her dinosaur creation at the Saint Louis Science Center. It was so much fun talking to her as she drew. The story just got more complex as she went, and there were great reasons for everything she added. It sounded like she’s been working on these two for a… Read more »

Triceratops by Wyatt

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One thing that is awesome about working on this project is getting to spend some real personal time with kid’s drawings, and seeing what is important to them. Check out those awesome curlies around the Triceratops’ frill. Would you have thought to put those there? I’m not sure that I would have, but I will now. 🙂

Tyrannosaurus Rex By Wyatt

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Another “guest” strip featuring penny, and a fantastic drawing by 6 year old Wyatt! Thanks for stopping and visiting me at the Science Center, Wyatt! I’ll be there again on Wednesday, July 30 doing more Penny drawings, so hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

One MO Picture – Sisters, Birthday, and Easter

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When people ask me what I do, like what my job is, the answer is always the same. I’m a stay-at-home dad, illustrator, and crafter. It’s always my hope that this blog reflects those different aspects of my life and job, because this is as much a document of my lifestyle as my work. I’m very lucky to be able… Read more »