That Perfect Booth Set-Up

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It seems like among other things we’re striving for as professional crafters, we’re all looking for the holy grail that is the perfect booth set-up. Not only has to match your aesthetic, but it also has to be practical and portable. To make things even more complicated though, not every space or situation is the same, so you also have to be flexible and prepared for occasional surprises.

We’ve been doing shows for about four years now, and have experimented with a lot of different elements. Refining display placement, adding components and taking them away as our product line changes. Here’s a selection from the last few months…show_set_upsAs you can see, the core ideas tend to stay the same, while specifics might change. Recently, we took the opportunity to set things up in the living room, take our time with some possibilities, and really identify good ideas and “best practices”. Let’s talk about some of the things we came up with.
booth_setup_fullUsually we are able to spread out a bit and use two tables for our product. This is wonderful in it’s way, but tends to look a little unorganized and not really cohesive. So we challenged ourselves to stick within an eight foot square, and use only one table. The key here is to use height and modular displays to our advantage. We alrealy had all the right display elements, it was just a matter of putting them together in new ways. Organizing it was a matter of setting things up in tiers from the outside in. Larger, more colorful kids play items like capes and hobby horses go on the sides to draw people in. Accent items and smaller toys like pins, doodle dolls and story starter chips are arranged on the inside on the left and right, leading attention to our flagship Baby Burrito Blankets in the center. The backdrop fills in the space, showcasing our brand name and more decorative items.

booth_setup_left-225x300booth_setup_center-225x300booth_setup_horses-225x300Finally, one last new thing that I can’t even believe we never thought of before… I stand up for the whole show, every show. Sitting makes me sleepy and I don’t feel like I can really engage people in conversation unless we’re standing together. It’s kind of like a party that way. So, we added padded foam mats behind the table to take some of the stress off our feet and backs. It really seems to help a lot!matsWhat are some of the things you do with your craft show booths? We’d love to hear from you!