Watercolor Wednesday – Apple Jacks and Emperors

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Applejack CosplayLast week, in preparation for Wizard World, I asked my friends for a list of characters. My intention was that I would draw them out of my head. With no reference. If I didn’t know who they were, I would make something up based on what the name said to me. The first couple were pretty funny, but it became apparent pretty fast that this would be no way to actually make money at a comic con. People want their characters to look like their characters…mostly. Ideas are seeds of infinite possibility though, and after a conversation with some friends a different sort of plant sprouted.

This is how Cosplay Characters were born. Taking characters from the Life With Girls comic, I started drawing them dressed up as the characters from the list. When asked, I’d generally say that Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony, but when My Little Pony was suggested on the list, Apple Jack was the one that spoke to me to dress April up as.

One of the great things about doing this kind of exercise every week, is that it offers the opportunity to try out different papers and materials. I wasn’t thinking about the final outcome of this drawing when I started it, so I think it was drawn on a piece of scrap card stock…not the ideal paper for watercolor at all. There are three things that made this a challenge.

  • The paper is really smooth, so it held more of the waxy blue pencil I used to do the initial drawing. The paint just sort of rolls off the waxy surface.
  • The fibers of the paper aren’t as dense as watercolor paper, or even bristol board, so it got sort of fuzzy as I worked.
  • The paint would sort of sit on top of the coating on the paper, making it really easy to disturb colors underneath where I was working. The only way to really deal with it was to paint boldly, and hope for the best.

"P is for Palpatine" by Red Herring IllustrationP is for Emperor Palpatine…Force lightning is one of those Dark Side powers that is good for causing all kinds of trouble. Can you imagine the shock that Vader gets when he’s putting on his socks in the morning.