Watercolor Wednesday – Apples and Bananas

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Apples and bananas by Jeffrey JohnsonDaily drawing and painting (or anything, really) allows us time to think, and experiment, and learn in a way that no class, book, or tutorial can. I read “Make Art Make Money” by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens this summer. Early on in the book she talks about the fairy tale “The Elves and the Cobbler” as an allegory for the life of the artist. Every day, the cobbler would sit at his work bench and cut the leather, and every night the elves would come and sew the leather into shoes. The daily activity of cutting the leather allowed the cobbler to build his skills, try new things, and ultimately take over the creative magic of the elves and become a master shoe maker in his own right.

Banana watercolor illustration by jeffrey johnson of handmade family

Watercolor Wednesday allows me to work on paintings that tangentially are related to the other work that we do. It allows me to paint things that I may not normally paint, to try out new techniques, and to learn how to deal with new textures and forms. For the next couple of weeks, I’m falling back to a classic painting subject of fruit still lifes. It’s amazing the variety of textures, patterns and forms that are presented to us with these everyday objects. Ultimately, the illustrations will be used for Story Starter Chips and display graphics for our Felt Farmer’s Market sets.

apple watercolor illustration by jeffrey johnson of handmade family

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