Watercolor Wednesday – Copilots and Uncles

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"N is for Nein Nunb" by Red Herring IllustrationMy friend Emily said something really nice to me about this picture on Facebook today. She said, “I love when you do the characters I’ve never heard of…” which was just so timely, because I find myself wondering if the decision to focus on just characters that don’t get a lot of face time was a good one.

Nein Nunb has always been something of an oddity to me. For a number of reasons. He’s also one of my favorite characters from Return of the Jedi…I think it has something to do with the way he laughs after they almost got blown up inside the Death Star. At any rate, here’s a character that is totally unheard of. He has no prior screen time, no known relationship to any other character in the trilogy. In spite of this, he gets the second coolest job in the fleet. He get’s to copilot the Millennium Falcon with Lando during the attack on the second Death Star.

The Second totally weird thing about him is, now that Lando has switched to the snazzy general uniform (complete with cape) and isn’t tromping around in Han’s outfit anymore (like he was at the end of Empire), here comes this stranger wearing Han’s vest…over a crazy red jumpsuit. Awesome. So I always pictured him trying on Chewie’s bandolier first and being like “Nah, it’s gotta be the vest.”

"O is for Owen Lars" by Red Herring IllustrationThe more I think about it, the more the idea of Luke’s Uncle Owen being a moisture farmer is either genius or just reckless writing. It would have been so easy for him to be a mechanic, or miner, or some other working class Sci-Fi job, but instead he’s a farmer. A farmer that grows water. On a desert planet. Just let that settle for a minute, pretty ridiculous, right? Or pretty genius?

All that aside though, Owen knew who Luke’s dad was. He knew that there was potential for Luke to be a hot mess like that too. So here’s the thing, Luke want’s to go to the Academy. The Imperial Academy. Owen knows that’s just trouble waiting to happen. On the other side, when Luke is talking to Obi Wan, he’s all about being a part of the Rebellion against the Empire…

I like to think that he also knew that Obi Wan was the only person around who might be able to deal with that mess. This might just be me getting too far into my own head while I work, but it seems like if he’d been a little more proactive about the situation, rather than hunkering down and hoping it all would blow over,  his story may have turned out differently. Given the alternative, wouldn’t it be better to send the boy to join Obi Wan on one of his crusades, than to even entertain the idea of sending him to the empire and risk him being found by his father?

I mean, databases exist in the galaxy far, far away, right?