Watercolor Wednesday – Dinosaur Shadowboxes

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Pteranodon shadowboxToday’s Watercolor Wednesday is kind of unusual. Obviously, these aren’t straight watercolors, but this was always kind of the direction I was headed for when starting the Penny Loves Dinosaurs project. Collaboration of ideas between different artists, materials and techniques.  The Pteranodon in this illustration was done by eight year old Makynzi, at the Saint Louis Science Center earlier this summer. She was really excited about doing the drawing, and wanted to make it as realistic as she could.

This is the first shadowbox I’ve done in years, and of course it was a lot more complex than I really expected it to be. I learned a lot from this first project though, which made the next one A LOT easier.
Triceratops shadowbox
Six year old Wyatt did this drawing of a Triceratops for us. The great thing about it being on the ground is that it allowed me to build up the background from the base, so it’s not all visible from the sides.  One thing that is awesome about working on this project is getting to spend some real personal time with kid’s drawings, and seeing what is important to them. Check out those awesome curlies around the Triceratops’ frill. Would you have thought to put those there? I’m not sure that I would have, but I will now. 🙂