Watercolor Wednesday – Dinosaurs

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Who’s in the mood for some dinosaurs? I think a lot of us can say that we’ve been interested in dinosaurs since we were kids. Jurassic Park has been a top grossing film franchise more than once. There are multiple shows for kids featuring dinosaurs, including Dinosaur Train which engages kids on a variety of levels and is frankly pretty amazing. There are books, games, even monthly magazines dedicated to them. Everyone has their favorite, and today I’m going to share two of mine, the Parasaurolophus and the Stegosaurus. I don’t know why they’re my favorites, but it probably has something to do with Disney’s Fantasia. The dramatic grandness of the dinosaur sequence is something that stays with you.

Stegosaurus 6x9 Colored Pencil and Watercolor

Stegosaurus 6×9
Colored Pencil and Watercolor

Parasaurolophus watercolor by Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade Family

Parasaurolophus 6×9
Colored Pencil and Watercolor

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