Watercolor Wednesday – Dinosaurs

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dilophosaurus watercolor by Jeffrey Johnson, Handmade Family┬áIt feels like forever since I posted one of these, and I’m so glad to slowly but surly be getting back into the swing of updating the blog. We’ve got some super exciting things going on in the studio right now, so stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we roll them out

Today though, we’re talking about DINOSAURS! It’s no big secret that I love dinosaurs, and in preparation for the Jurassic World movie, I started work on a new game featuring Penny Loves Dinosaurs. It’s a matching game with interchangeable cards cartoons about several different dinosaur types, and little plastic dinosaur pegs. The prototype went well at the Saint Louis Science Center but there were some tweaks that I wanted to make to it before taking it to shows with us. First off was getting the illustrations for the cards colored.

Our first dinosaur is the Dilophosaurus. Known for his neck frill, many people also think this guy spits poison on it’s prey. The books I’ve been reading don’t seem to think so though. What we know about dinosaurs is based on the small amount of evidence preserved in fossils, and comparing that to our studies of modern animals so what scientists “know” is always changing. velociraptor watercolor by Jeffrey Johnson, Handmade Family

The Velociraptor is another super cool dinosaur made famous in the movies. Again, fossil evidence has changed our view of them in the last twenty years as paleontologists have discovered that they appear to have feathers! My version was maybe a little timid with the feather addition.