Watercolor Wednesday – Hamlet and the Droids They Were Looking For

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"T is for the droids they were looking for" by Red Herring IllustrationI added an extra colored background on this week’s paintings, which I like very much from the standpoint of individual images. I’m having second thoughts though about how well they will look all together. This is the biggest problem of doing personal projects that span a large amount of time. Both skill level and ideas about the concept as a whole are likely to change in between the beginning and the end.

Speaking of Star Wars. This Friday, I’ll be kicking off a crazy, three-show weekend with First Friday at the Saint Louis Science Center. The theme of the night is “The Science of Star Wars” and there will be a lot of really cool demos and presentations, as well as Dress Up, and a free showing of the original UNALTERED Star Wars in the Omnimax theater. Did I mention that the event is free? I’ll be there with new paintings, Star Wars Buttons, and a new Alphabet Coloring Book. I hope to see you all there!

This illustration cracks me up. I wanted it to come off as kind of smug, like “Ha-ha, we got away!” but also pretty goofy, like one of those awkward family photos. It was a lot of fun to do, and it’s amazing how simple and still dynamic the design of these two iconic droids is. The dent in C-3PO’s head is such a lovely touch too.

"U is for Ugnaught" by Red Herring IllustrationOne of the big challenges with doing the Star Wars alphabet was finding ideas and images that appeal to me, that I think are funny, and that haven’t been done before…I literally laughed out loud when I decided what to do for the Ugnaught.