Watercolor Wednesday: More of the Doctor’s Companions

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I did twelve portraits for the September First Friday at the Saint Louis Science Center this year. Perhaps, now that I’m thinking about it, I should have done one companion for each of the twelve Doctors. Made the second set as much of a look back at the series as the first one was. That may have been truer to the spirit of the whole project as outlined by myself, but a lot of the current fan base is really only familiar with the new Doctors and the new companions. So I ran a short poll on Facebook to see who people were most interested in seeing. We visited the first six portraits (The War Doctor, the Brigadier, Sarah Jane, Ace, Stormageddon, and Jack Harkness) last week. This week we’re looking at the other six, all from the modern era, and all more or less related to each other.

Donna Noble Watercolor Portrait by Jeffrey Johnson - Handmade Family Wilfred Mott Watercolor Portrait by Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade Family

Wilfred and his Granddaughter Donna are probably my favorites out of the modern companions. They just displayed so many of the strengths AND weaknesses that come with being human. There wasn’t any trickery, no love story, the Donna story arc was very much about two beings who were lost, and who helped each other find their way. The changes we saw in Donna over the course of her adventures made for some really great stories and then a simply heartbreaking conclusion.

River Song Watercolor Portrait by Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade FamilyIdris Watercolor Portrait by Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade Family

The Doctor’s wives, both literally and figuratively. It’s really no secret that I love Neil Gaiman, so one of the characters that I knew that I wanted to illustrate was Idris from his episode “The Doctor’s Wife”. I love the way he used the word wife to mean more than a mate. Idris (the TARDIS personified) has been his constant companion for over nine hundred years. The Doctor’s partner, his support, she’s shared in his decisions, his joys and defeats. Most importantly, she chose him at least as much as he chose her. She kidnapped him as he stole her. We should all be so lucky as to have a wife like that.

Amy Pond Watercolor Portrait by Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade Family Rory Williams Watercolor Portrait by Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade Family

Everybody loves Amy and Rory, right? The Eleventh Doctor’s best friends, the Doctor’s mother and father in law, the girl who waited and the last centurion. I was talking to someone recently about Rory, and he said that Rory was basically the K-9 of the modern era. The obedient robot dog who came when called. I don’t really think that’s fair to him though. Yes, Rory was always there by Amy’s side, and yes he pretty much always did as he was told. This wasn’t because he didn’t have any agency of his own though. Looking back on his story, everything that Rory did he did with absolute conviction. He was either doing something, or he wasn’t. While Amy and the Doctor were impulsive and reckless, Rory was steadfast. He was not a man to be trifled with, especially when he made up his mind to do something.

Thanks for stopping in and listening to me nerd out over Doctor Who. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these illustrations, please check out my shop on the Square Marketplace, or just click on the images to be taken directly to their shop link. Next week I have some dinosaurs to share with you. Until then, take care and be good.

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