Watercolor Wednesday on a Thursday!

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Felt Farmers Market Playset by Handmade FamilyThe holidays are Bananas, and make any kind of schedule extra challenging. We had a great Thanksgiving but as you may have noticed, there was no Watercolor Wednesday last week. My goal for December is to be a little ahead on blog posts so that the Holidays don’t get too crazy.

Last time, I talked about the importance of daily drawing and drawing outside of our comfort zones and interests. Sometimes this means that I just don’t feel inspired with what I’m working on. It’s like a child looking at a plate full of greens. It’s hard to get started on it, takes forever to finish, and can seem pointless and unfair when I’m in the middle of it. Coming out the other side though, I really am better for having put in the effort. I guess the take away for this story is that working through difficult personal projects helps prepare me to tackle other projects more readily, and helps build good working habits for the future.Pear Watercolor Illustration by Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade Family

I’ve always loved pears, and felt like they were a great subject for a still life painting. I often compare working in watercolor to raising kids. There’s a balance that has to be reached between controlling it, and just letting it go and do it’s thing. It’s always facinating to me how each color effects the one above it and the one below it, and that it matters what order they’re put down in.Pumpkin Watercolor Illustration by Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade Family

It’s been two months of working with you and Patreon now. KNOWING that there are people out there definitely helps keep me working and moving forward. I’ve been happy with keeping on a regular schedule with the Watercolor Wednesday posts, and will be working in new content this month. I’m working on a blog post about resolutions, and when is the best time to make them, and get started on them. What do you think?