Watercolor Wednesday – Q is for Quarren

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"Q is for Quarren" by Red Herring IllustrationIt never says it in the movie, but the literature says that the Quarren are one of two races from the planet Mon Calamari who have been locked in civil war for like, forever. (the other race being the Mon Calamari…Admiral Ackbar’s people.)

I have always wondered, what riches Jabba must have offered, or what dire straits he must have been in to lead this guy to settle on Tatooine of all places. I honestly can’t think of anywhere worse for a squid man from a planet of vast oceans to move to…except maybe a planet of deep fat fryers.

Oh man, I’m probably going to have to watch all the movies again now. (Terrible, right?) and see where all we see these guys. I’m pretty sure they appear in the senate chambers in the prequels, but other than that I can only remember seeing them on Tatooine. Was it a color palette thing, or was there some big, underlying reason for it?