Watercolor Wednesday – Singers and Bad Motivation

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"R is for R5D4" by Red Herring IllustrationIt’s Watercolor Wednesday. I’m gearing up for a three shows in three day’s weekend at the beginning of May. Crazy? Maybe. It’s going to be a lot of fun too, though. First up that weekend is First Friday at the Saint Louis Science Center. The theme for the night is Star Wars, and I’ll be there from 6:00 to 10:00 with plenty of Star Wars artwork, and I plan on doing some more drawings as the night progresses. It’s a free event, and there’s always a free movie in the IMax theater at 10:00. Come by and say hi!

We all feel a little kike R5-D4 some days, don’t we? Do you ever wonder why Uncle Owen picked R5-D4 instead of R2? He didn’t look like he was in better shape. Was R5 a newer model…? As I’m thinking about it, that must be it, but newer isn’t always better is it? We don’t know much about R5, except that he had a bad motivator, though I always kind of thought that his three button eyes were a little creepy.

This joke doesn’t really deserve more than a groan. It’s a true old man joke, but I just couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of him reading a self-help book to get over his bad motivation.

"S is for Sy Snoodles" by Red Herring IllustrationYikes Sy Snoodles! Put a shirt on, why don’t you? I started this drawing without reference, which often leads to unexpected discoveries like the fact that she has no neck. It’s obvious when I point it out, but isn’t really something you notice until you’re looking for it. Also, did you ever notice how much she looks like a Hopping Spider (or Cave Cricket)?

There are two distinct types of Star Wars fans. Those who think that Sy Snoodles is the singer for Max Rebo’s band. And those who think that that furry thing from the Special Editions is. Sy Snoodles will always be the singer of that band to me.