Watercolor Wednesday – Space Toasters and Being Too Old for School

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"X is for X Wing Technician" by Red Herring IllustrationWe’ve all had bosses like this, asking for things that don’t make sense and seem difficult at best. Even when your boss just saved your life and is as likeable as young Luke Skywalker. It’s not like the technicians were going to say no to the guy who just blew up the Death Star and saved them all. He wants this busted droid fixed, we’ll fix it for him…even though it’d be way easier to just give him another one. When I was working on the drawing for this one, I asked Twitter if anyone had ever noticed that Luke seems to be the only one in the galaxy who doesn’t treat droids like they’re toasters? My friend Adron from Nerd for a Living had this to say:

Always found it indicative of the good nature of an isolated, lonely boy. Immediately accepts their personalities as valid.

That’s an angle I’d never really considered before. It gives the iconic image of him looking off into the distance as the twin suns set a feeling of the crushing weight of isolation. Still…what a pain in the butt, having to fix this blown up droid while trying to pack up a whole base to move with the Empire on your heels.

"Y is for Yoda" by Red Herring IllustrationI totally get that maybe Luke was too old to begin the training. At twenty-one, it’s really hard to unlearn a lifetime’s worth of bad habits. Though, it seems irresponsible to not train someone who could tap the force but not have any training to avoid the dark side. So then we meet Anikin…Eight years old and still too old to begin the training. Huh. So why go to the trouble of testing him? Why give him to a Jedi who had literally just become a master? Exactly how young do you need to be to begin the training?

Sometimes I don’t think Yoda thought his policies through very well.