Watercolor Wednesday – Zombies and Bounty Hunters

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"Z is for Zuckuss" by Red Herring IllustrationIt’s amazing how taking one week off because you get busy turns into…How many now? Four? Something like that. At any rate, I finally got the last of the Star Wars watercolors scanned, and finished a new one. Hurray for getting back on track!

You’d think that in a universe full of weird names, there’d be more that started with Z. One of my rules at the beginning of this project was that I wanted to use only characters from the original trilogy, and that Ideally they’d be ones that weren’t on every other alphabet round up out there. Unfortunately, Zuckuss is pretty much it for Z, so here we are.

Seen only briefly on the bridge of a Star Destroyer as Vader briefs the bounty hunters on capturing the Millennium Falcon and it’s crew, we don’t really know much about him other than he follows a brown and gold color scheme that stands out from the rest of the group of hunters. My original idea was to put 4Lom in the holo-communicator that Zuckuss is holding. Like with so many nerd jokes, it relies on a lot of insider knowledge to get, starting with “Who is 4Lom?”. 4Lom is the guy standing next to Zuckuss in the scene (black 3po body with insect head) and in the original action figure releases, they mixed up the names. I remember being really confused when as a teen I started seeing their names appear with the correct character.Infected by Zombies. Character art for Zombie Panic game by Jeffrey Johnson, Handmade Family

I don’t normally think of myself as a zombie person, but honestly I do kind of enjoy drawing them sometimes. I’m starting work on some character expansions for the Zombie Panic! board game we put out last year. This guy is one of the Infected. Not quite a zombie yet, but…ugh, not quite human either. Will the other survivors allow him on the boat and hope to find a cure, or leave him to fight the zombies until he becomes one himself?